Kantara Castle

The superb Castle of Kantara, the Hundred Chambers which, seeming to hang in mid-air, has been often visited and described.
Kantara, is situated at the Eastern end of the Kyrenia Range (2,068 ft.). It is 26 miles North of Famagusta reached via Iskele and Ardahan villages. The castle is 2 miles east of the summer resort which is also called Kantara (1,800 ft.).
Kantara means a bridge or arch in Arabic probably so named by the Arab invaders in the past. In fact the whole setting of the terrain looks like an arch and it certainly commands excellent views of the seas on both sides and of long stretches of plain all around it. It was originally built by Byzantines against the invasions of the Saracens. The Lusignans called it Candare or La Candaire. They remodelled and enlarged these fortifications.
A walk around Kantara should not be hurried for this is the castle of a hundred and one rooms, and according to legend anyone who finds the 101st will enter Paradise!