Gillham Vine Yard

Overlooking the Mediterranean nestled within the pine clad mountains of Cyprus; Gillham Vineyard Hotel is the first and only vineyard hotel in Northern Cyprus. The adult only boutique hotel that combines international standards of luxury accommodation with a unique warm hospitality providing guests with a tranquil location where they can relax and refresh their mind and senses in a truly distinguished and exclusively designed boutique vineyard hotel.

Gillham’s Wine Culture provides guests with a complete insight and experience of wine culture. Guests are able to discover the magic of the complete wine making process, from the planting of the vines to the final production of our distinguished wines, more than that, visitors can choose from a wide selection of tours, wine education courses, wine lectures and much more that will enhance the guest’s wine culture experience.

Tourism Center

Guests are able to select from a choice of tours and wine tasting experiences and events available throughout the year. You will of course also have the opportunity to taste and purchase the exquisite wine produced by the winery’s resident artisan vintners.

Within Gillham’s Wine Culture you will find conference facilities and a VIP lounge that is available for meetings and private parties. There is also a conference room where training courses can be booked. From the stunning wine bar you can relax and watch the sunset over the vineyard with a glass of your chosen vintage, Gillham’s wine bar will host regular musical events featuring international artists from a variety of musical talents as well as other special events throughout the year.

Types of tour

Ultimate vine tasting

Guided tour of the winery with professional guide , history of wine making in Cyprus plus taste 3 wines from our selection of wines.

Estate Experience

Guided tour of the winery with professional guide , history of wine making in Cyprus plus wine tasting of our  full selection of wines.

The Wine bar

At the stunning wine bar guests are able to relax, enjoy the gastronomical delights that Gillham’s Wine bar has to offer and watch the sunset over the vineyards with a glass of their chosen vintage, whilst the sound of music plays, moments will glide by without guests even realising the passing of time.

Vines have been grown and grapes have been pressed in the Mediterranean since the Bronze Age, Etel Winery and Estate is breathing life back in to tradition with its resident artisan vintners who are using their passion and knowledge to bring a new era to the island by creating distinguished wines.

The harvest time 

Picking parameters are unique , using all the tools available  as a backdrop for their  own personal sense of taste, smell, sight and touch they  make every effort to harvest only when the grapes reach optimal maturation. Bud break at their  estate occurs in early spring with harvest commencing on average at the beginning of August.

The winery

Gillham’s Wine believe that every vineyard is special, every vintage is unique, and each wine is distinct.  Every one of their  wines is handmade, taking the greatest care and attention to detail in every aspect of their craft.

Winery is custom built and designed to give their winemaking team all the tools to create exceptional wines. It houses modern equipment, offers the ability to ferment each and every vineyard block separately, while also conducting small-lot experiments, complimented by a large underground barrel store for wine aging under the perfect conditions to fine-tune and further express the true spirit of Etel Estate Winery.


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