There is nothing better than feeling the wind and sun on your face and smelling the beautiful citrus trees as you pass them in North Cyprus. Cycling or biking in any part of the world is fantastic but North Cyprus truly defines what a fantastic bike journey should be. No matter whether you’re cycling or going by motorbike, with mountain trails or coastal paths, there’s something fascinating about touring a region with the freedom that biking offers.

There are multiple companies that arrange tours, or give advice on where the best paths are if you want to go it alone, and they are a fantastic source of guidance when you are in Cyprus. But for now all the information you need is below whether you’re a hardcore cyclist who wants to stay on their bike for the entire trip, or just want to take a leisurely tour of the region you’re staying in as a day trip, we have all the information you need. A part of North Cyprus’ beauty is its display of mountain ridge silhouettes that you will always catch in the distance. These decorate the scenery like watchful protectors, bordering off the rest of the world so that visitors feel safe and faraway from everything.

The Cycling North Cyprus tour starts in Famagusta and ends in Kyrenia. The Cycling North Cyprus is an Active And Outdoor tour that takes 8 days taking you from Famagusta to Kyrenia and through other destinations in Cyprus.

  • Rural cycling- Lemon and orange groves, old villages and fishing harbours.
  • Karpaz peninsula- Unspoilt and beautiful beaches
  • Ancient towns and sites – Salamis, Famagusta and Saint Barnabas monastery
  • Wildlife- Turtles, wild donkeys and migrating birds in spring and autumn