City Beer Bike Tour Cyprus

We are happy and ready to present you some new fun for the entertainment of tourists and residents of North Cyprus. Special Beer bike and their name is City Bike Cyprus  , which attracts the attention of all peoples on the streets. Such entertainment has long excited in other countries  , but it’s only just come to North Cyprus now !!!.

A special vehicle which attracts all eyes on the street. The beer bike can accommodate  max 14 people. Max 10 can pedal while the others can take a rest on the bench. They provide a sober driver and music on board.

As features they have comfortable armchairs with backrest and safety belt , music System (2 * 240 W speaker )  ,traffic lightening ,night lighting system . Customers can use free Wifi .

The organization provides different tours .One of program is visiting historical places.

Example of rout is Famagusta Walls – Cambulat Tomd and Museum – Canakkale Martyrs’ Monument – Famagusta Land Gate The Ravelin – Kizilci Bath – Sinan Pasha Mosque – Nestoryen Church – Venetian Palace – Greek St.George Church – Otello’s Castle – Templar and Hospitaler Church – St. Franchis Church – St.Nicholas Cathedral – The Dungeon Of Namık Kemal- Old Shopping Centre(Bandabuliya) – Famagusta historic Medrese – Porta Del Mare


10 minutes- 5 euros ,with 1 drink

20 minutes -10 euros, with 2 drinks

40 minutes -15 minutes , unlimited

All details  on booking your tour can found below

Contact Information

Telephone: +(90) 533 888 6100

Telephone: +(90) 542 855 2100